Michael Nouri

Michael has spent more than twenty years marching to the beat of his own drum and that experience makes him own of the industry’s most sought after minds in NSW, Australia and the rest of the world. To know your business is working alongside Michael can only mean one thing; success. Ok, it means another thing as well, fun. And ground-breaking adventure… it means a lot.

Favourite Food
An ancient meal made of grain soaked in water, fermented with yeast, distilled to a vapour and aged in oak. Takes a while to prepare. You have to call ahead. Oh, and Mamma’s cooking!

Fatherhood. University. Music. Two wheels.

Favourite Part Of Day Job
Working with some truly legendary cats. Travelling to new and unexpectedly beautiful places. Making friends all over the world. Watching unsuspecting drinkers fall over after their first Laphroaig lay-back. Administering Laphroaig lay-backs!